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Use the Local Debit Card to make payment for goods or services purchased from any participating business.


When you are unable to get to the bank for a cash withdrawal, add an additional amount to your purchase of goods or services which the participating business will give back to you in cash.


Just as you can pay automatically for goods or services using your Debit Card, participating businesses can also  refund your payment automatically to your Account should you return any goods to them.

Pre Authorisation

This card feature will allow you and your service provider to set aside an agreed amount to reserve the services requested, for example a deposit for travel bookings.

Types of Card Transactions

The Bank of St Helena Local Debit Card can be used at participating businesses where Card Acceptance Terminals  will be used to read your Card. Card Acceptance Terminals consist of an iPod and receipt printer.

Bank of St Helena Ltd is proud to offer our Local Debit Card to all customers, free of charge. Combined with our new account packages, we aim to provide our Personal and  Business customers with an improved banking experience.

The Card Payment Process

Service Availability

The transactions you will be able to undertake using your Local Debit Card include:

Out of Hours Banking - Having a Local Debit Card provides you with  access to your funds outside of normal banking hours.  Choosing an account package with Online Banking allows you to monitor  your accounts as you use your card. Convenience - Everyday Payments Made Easy

Anyone can apply for a Local Debit Card for their personal or business current account. Choose your new account package and apply for your Local Debit Card at the same time.

How to Register


Philip Johns Shop

Near St Paul's Cathedral

McDaniels Shop

Cleugh’s Plain

McDaniels Complex - Quarry

Donkey Plain Quarry, New Ground


 Rose & Crown Ltd - Supermarket

Longwood Green



Cow Path

Cutting Edge

ESH Unit 14

Rosie’s Taste 4 Life

Ladder Hill

Tasty Bites

Unit 1 ESH Business Park

Ladder Hill

Andy’s Shop

Nr Evergreen Tree

Solomon & Company Plc

HTH Supermarket

Solomon & Company Plc

HTH Fuel Station

Rose & Crown Ltd - Hardware

Longwood Green

Airport Arrivals Terminal

St Helena Airport

Bertrand’s Cottage Ltd

Longwood Green

The Bake House


V2 Paradise

Longwood Gate


Serena’s Gift Shop

Main Street

Get Carters

The Mule Yard

The Inkwell - Bookshop

Market Street

Mantis Hotel

Main Street

SHG Customs

Freight Terminal

SHG Post & Customer Services

Post Office Building

Dovers LTD - Little Saints Shop

Association Hall, Main Street

St Helena Growers

The Market

Essence Beauty Salon

The Cellar, Consulate Hotel

SHG Health


Joshies Roadside Drop In

Nr Salvation Army Hall


Solomon & Company Plc

Silver Hill Supermarket

Anne’s Place

Castle Gardens

Please see listing below for business establishments accepting Local Debit Card payments. Alternatively download a PDF version of the listing.

Beauty Spot

Unit 9, ESH Business Park

MTB’s Pick & Pay

Clinic Drive

Island Images Sandwich Bar

The Market

WA Thorpe & Sons Ltd - Accounts

Market Street

 Rose & Crown Ltd

 Rose & Crown Ltd - The Hive

Market Street

Market Street

Rose & Crown Ltd - Moonbeams

Napoleon Street

Victoria Store

Market Street

Rose & Crown Ltd - Arch Shop

Grand Parade

Queen Mary Store

Napoleon Street

 Sure South Atlantic Ltd

Bishops Rooms, Main Street

 WA Thorpe & Sons Ltd - Grocery

Market Street

WA Thorpe & Sons Ltd - Tinkers

Market Street

WA Thorpe & Sons Ltd - Emporium

Market Street

QMS Barracks Warehouse

Barracks Square

Solomon & Company Plc

DIY Store

Main Street

Solomon & Company Plc


Market Street

Solomon & Company  Plc

Shipping & Travel

Malabar Building

Solomon & Company Plc

St Helena Insurance Agency

Malabar Building

Solomon & Company Plc

The Star

Main Street

Solomon & Company Plc

Special Orders Centre

DIY, Main Street

Solomon & Company Plc

Cash Office

Main Street

Solomon & Company Plc

Warrens Wholesale


Solomon & Company Plc

Warrens Wholesale


Benjis Store

Upper Jamestown

Alarm Forest