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Get In Touch +290 22390 - St Helena +247 66449 - Ascension General Enquiries info@sainthelenabank.com Banking With Us Opening Hours Interest Rates Privacy & Data Protection Policy About Us Corporate Values Board of Directors Our Team Copyright © 2018 Bank of St. Helena.  All Rights Reserved. Report an Issue Legal Use of this Website Privacy & Data Protection Policy Board of Directors Board of Directors Secured - 6% The Bank is committed to providing its business customer with accessible, affordable and appropriate  financing for their commercial ventures. We offer a range of commercial financing options. Rates of Interest Repayments Who is eligible for a Business Loan with us? commerciallending@sainthelenabank.com +290 22390 Market Street Jamestown St Helena South Atlantic Ocean STHL 1ZZ Get In Touch +290 22196 All interest rates are variable and can change without notice. The Rate of Interest on your loan will depend on:  Whether you are applying for a personal or business loan  Whether your loan is secured or unsecured  Amount applied for   Repayment Period Repayments are debited automatically each month from your Bank of St Helena Business Account. You must ensure that the  account has sufficient funds each month to cover your monthly repayment. Unsecured -7%             Secured up to 150K - 6% Deferred  Business Loans 6% Secured/Unsecured  Business Overdrafts Tourism  Accommodation 5% Secured  Business Loans  Over £150K Unsecured Business Loans up to £5,000 Borrow up to £5,000 without the need to provide collateral (cannot be  used for vehicle purchase). Unsecured - 7% Secured Business Loans Allows you to borrow a larger amount of money, but collateral is  essential