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Get In Touch +290 22390 - St Helena +247 66449 - Ascension General Enquiries info@sainthelenabank.com Banking With Us Opening Hours Interest Rates Legal Use of this Website Privacy & Data Protection Policy About Us Corporate Values Board of Directors Our Team Copyright © 2018 Bank of St. Helena.  All Rights Reserved. Report an Issue Changing  Foreign Money into Local Money Bank of St Helena is able to change, for St Helena Pounds, currency notes into the following world currencies: Notes Coins Cheques Changing Local Money into Foreign Money The bank is able to convert local currency to foreign currency cash in the above currencies, however this is subject to availability. Issues Surrounding Foreign Exchange Click here to view next weeks Exchange Rates (available from Thursday of each week) R € Foreign Exchange Rates Sell Rate International Remittance Currency Notes Buy Rate 17.4203 20.1281 Sterling is exchanged with a 2%  commission charge 1.3089 ZAR is exchanged with a 2%  commission charge 1.1319 1.2093 GBP UK Pounds Sterling ZAR South African Rand USD United States Dollars EUR European Union Euro Remittance Rate 17.9762 1.2644 1.1494 1.2318