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Get In Touch +290 22390 - St Helena +247 66449 - Ascension General Enquiries info@sainthelenabank.com Banking With Us Opening Hours Interest Rates Legal Use of this Website Privacy & Data Protection Policy About Us Corporate Values Board of Directors Our Team Copyright © 2018 Bank of St. Helena.  All Rights Reserved. Report an Issue Refunds – Transferred directly to the customer’s account Cashback service Gratuity (Tip) Option - For hospitality businesses Pre-Authorisation - For pre-booked services Below is an outline of the services that you will be able to offer to your customers, if they pay by Local Debit Card. Check List  Here is what you need in your shop or business: For every payment made using a Local Debit Card, a Transaction Fee of 1% will be applied to the Business. This charge is capped at £3.00 per transaction. e.g.  1% of £10.00 = 10p.   There is no transaction fee for Cashback transactions. Transaction Charges Cashback - An optional service you can offer to your customers