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Title of the document Online Banking Log-In Title of the document Tourist Card Log-in

Customer Service Terminal - Station 5

The Terminal is located in the Main Bank Hall in Jamestown and is the first stop for customers looking for assistance from the Bank.

Pick-up, Drop-off and Scanning Point

Application Forms, Local Debit Cards and more

Customers can now do all their pick-ups and drop-offs at the Terminal.

Drop off forms including: account opening, packages and package amendment requests (e.g. replacing your debit card), cheque books, standing orders, changing account information, per pro, remittance and direct debit.

We understand some of these applications require ‘Supporting Documentation’, that is why we will also scan your documents at the Terminal to ensure your application is submitted with all documentation attached.

If you’re expecting anything from the Bank, for example your Local Debit Card or Online Banking packs, they will be available to collect from the Terminal. You may collect the various forms as well.


In addition to dropping off applications and scanning documents, the Terminal will be available for checking account balances, printing statements and activating new accounts.


For our current and prospective clients, you can drop your application forms, ask any questions you may have regarding the forms and processes, check your loan balance and scan your insurance documents at the Terminal.

Can I still visit the Sections?

The Terminal will be the first point of contact for all customer enquiries and information. If you require additional support, you may be referred to the various sections.

Please note, even if you have a scheduled appointment you must first call at the Terminal.