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Title of the document Online Banking Log-In Title of the document Tourist Card Log-in


Support and Security
Card Security

All payments made with your card are PIN enabled. Your PIN is personal and unique to you. Without your PIN no electronic payments can be made with your Local Debit Card.

Before using your card it is important that you sign the back. Payments will not be accepted unless your card has been signed.

Protect your Local Debit Card against Loss or Theft
  • Keep it in a safe place
  • Choose a PIN number that only you know.  Its is not advisable to use your phone number or birthday
  • Guard your PIN number; memorise it and never write it on your card
  • Keep receipts from all your Local Debit Card transactions until you can verify them
  • Review your statements regularly and report any unknown transactions to the Bank immediately
  • If your card is lost or stolen, notify the bank immediately
Telephone Card Services

Call our automated telephone support line on (+290) 25335 to manage your card. Using this service you can:

  • Activate your new Local Debit Card, setting your unique PIN and Memorable Security Number
  • Check your real-time bank balance at any time
  • Change your PIN and Security Number
  • Report your card Lost or Stolen.  This will block your card to prevent unauthorised use
Information you will need to access the service:
  • Debit Card Number (16 digit number)
  • Bank Account Number (the first 4 digits – these usually end in 002, 003 etc)
  • Date of Birth (xx / xx / xxxx)
  • Card Security Number (6 digit number)

Click here for full ‘How to use Telephone Card Services’.

Report Lost or Stolen Card

To report your card lost or stolen call the bank on (+290) 22390 during normal working hours. Outside normal working hours, call (+290) 22829 and leave a message including your full name and contact details. You can also block your card by calling our telephone card services on (+290) 25335.


Click here for further information on Customer Data Security

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