Title of the document Online Banking Log-In Title of the document Tourist Card Log-in
Title of the document Online Banking Log-In Title of the document Tourist Card Log-in

Bank of St Helena Cards can be used at any of the following establishments offering the St Helena Pay Service:

Please note, Local Debit Cards can be used to withdraw from and pay-in to accounts at all Bank of St Helena Branches and Kiosks


Rose & Crown Ltd – Market Street

The Hive (Rose & Crown) – Market Street

Moonbeams (Rose & Crown) – Market Street

The Arch Shop (Rose & Crown) –  Grand Parade

Barracks Warehouse (Queen Mary Store) – Barracks Square

St Helena Insurance Agency (Solomon & Company) – Malabar Building

Shipping & Travel (Solomon & Company) – Malabar Building

DIY Store (Solomon & Company) – Main Street

Greenlands (Solomon & Company) – Market Street

The Star (Solomon & Company) – Main Street

Special Orders Centre (Solomon & Company) –  Main Street

Solomon’s Cash Office (Solomon & Company) – Main Street

Warrens Wholesale (Solomon & Company) – Narrabacks

Jamestown Fuel Station (Solomon & Company) – Narrabacks

Solomon’s Auto Shop (Solomon & Company) – Narrabacks

Solomon’s Lighterage (Solomon & Company) – Jamestown Wharf

Grocery Shop (WA Thorpe & Sons) – Market Street

Thorpe’s Accounts (WA Thorpe & Sons) – Market Street

Thorpe’s Wholesale (WA Thorpe & Sons) – Market Street

Tinkers (WA Thorpe & Sons) – Market Street

Emporium (WA Thorpe & Sons) – Napoleon Street

Queen Mary Store – Napoleon Street

Victoria Store – Ladder Hill Corner

SHG Customs – Freight Terminal

SHG Immigration – Freight Terminal

SHG Post & Customer Services – Post Office

SHG Health – Pharmacy

The St Helena Coffee Shop – The Wharf

Get Carters – The Mule Yard

Saint Sizzler – Grand Parade

New Horizons – Grand Parade

The Museum – Grand Parade

Anne’s Place – Castle Gardens

Mantis Hotel – Main Street

Pura Vida Beauty Salon – Association Hall, Main Street

Atlantic Outpost – Association Hall, Main Street

Serena’s Gift Shop – Main Street

Essence Beauty Salon – The Cellar, Consulate Hotel

Bliss – The Cellar, Consulate Hotel

Arts and Crafts Shop – The Canister

Visitor Information Centre – The Canister

Sure South Atlantic Ltd – Bishops Rooms, Main Street

CJ Collections – Napoleon Street

Plus Size – Napoleon Street

The Inkwell Bookshop – Napoleon Street

Annie’s Launderette – Upper Napoleon Street

Options – Market Street

Atlantic Store – Market Street

The Standard Bar – Market Square

Charm Beauty – Nosegay Lane

Dan’s Baked Goods – Nosegay Lane

Wellness – Brewery Yard

St Helena Growers – Jamestown Market

Island Images Sandwich Bar – Jamestown Market

GK Crafts – Jamestown Market

G-Unique Designs – Jamestown Market

DPS (St Helena) – Jamestown Market

Atlantic Appliances – Jamestown Market

DaNova Travel – Jamestown Market

Blue Lantern – Narrabacks

Benji’s Store – Upper Jamestown

JJZ Retail – Upper Jamestown

MTB’s Shop – Upper Jamestown

Half Tree Hollow / Ladder Hill

A&D’s Mini Mart – Wirebird Drive

MTBs Pick & Pay – Clinic Drive

SydneRays – Cow Path

Andy’s Shop – Nr Evergreen Tree

HTH Fuel Station (Solomon & Company) – Nr Salvation Army Hall

HTH Supermarket (Solomon & Company) – Nr Salvation Army Hall

Joshie’s Road Side Drop-In – Nr Salvation Army Hall

Tasty Bites – Ladder Hill

Rosie’s Taste 4 Life – Ladder Hill

Beauty Spot – Ladder Hill

St Pauls

Richard’s Travel Lodge – Emirates Way

Red Hill Shop – Red Hill

Philip John’s Shop – Near St Paul’s Cathedral

PEAKS – Sawmill – Near St Paul’s Cathedral

Scipione Racing – Merrimen’s Forest

McDaniel’s Shop – Cleugh’s Plain

McDaniel’s Complex Quarry – Donkey Plain Quarry, New Ground

Essentials – Thompson’s Hill

Alarm Forest

St Helena Distillery


Supermarket (Solomon & Company) – Silver Hill


Longwood Supermarket (Rose & Crown) – Longwood Green

Longwood Hardware (Rose & Crown) – Longwood Green

Bertrand’s Cottage Café – Longwood Green

Ur Home Designs – Longwood Enterprise Park

St Helena Golf Club – Near Piccolo Hill


St Helena Airport – Check-In

Rose & Crown Duty Free and Cafe – Departures Terminal

SHG Customs – Arrivals Terminal

SHG Immigration – Arrivals Terminal

Sandy Bay

Allsorts Shop

mobile businesses


Aaron’s Adventure Tours

Sub-Tropic Adventures (Diving and Marine Tours)

Oceano Xtreme (Water Sports)

Ascension Island

Chandlery Mini Market – Georgetown

The Post Office – Georgetown

Glamour Plus – Georgetown

AIG Warehouse – Georgetown

SURE South Atlantic Ltd – Georgetown

A&P’s Gift World – Georgetown

G-Unique – Georgetown

Treasure – Georgetown

NAAFI Shop and Pub – Travellers Hill

AIG Fuel Station – One Boat

JAMS – Two Boats Village

Two Boats Club – Two Boats Village