Title of the document Online Banking Log-In Title of the document Tourist Card Log-in
Title of the document Online Banking Log-In Title of the document Tourist Card Log-in

20 Years of Bank of St Helena!

01 April 2004 - 01 April 2024


The Tourist Card - A virtual prepaid GBP currency card for tourists visiting the island. This new venture is an innovative solution to paying for goods and services around St Helena using a virtual bank card, downloadable to a mobile phone. Using this virtual card, tourists can tap into our St Helena Pay service and pay for their goods and service by card!

Stay in control with free online banking

Banking with a cup of tea or coffee handy - or in bed - or both. Now that's convenience!

Our Online Banking customers have the ability to manage their money at any time from anywhere, whether at home or abroad!

Local Transfer, International Transfer, Journals – stay in control of your finances with Online Banking and take advantage of these great features.

Customer Service Charter

Our commitment to customers to deliver the highest possible standard of customer service at all times

Bank Opening Hours

Branch, Kiosk and Remote Banking opening hours

Bank Accounts

Current accounts and saving solutions for your daily and future banking needs

Interest Rates

All interest rates on accounts and loans are derived from the current Bank of St Helena Base Rate

Online Applications and Forms

All applications and forms that can be completed and submitted online

Exchange Rates

Exchange Rates are set weekly and are effective from Mondays

Transferring Money Overseas

Transferring funds from St Helena or Ascension to an overseas account will require these details

Transferring Money from Overseas

Transferring funds from overseas to a St Helena or Ascension account will require these details

Cash Advance on Cards

Bank of St Helena can advance cash against: Maestro, Visa Debit, Visa and Mastercard

Tourist Information

Before you travel, find out about banking services and general financial information about St Helena

Offer customers sales and cashback using their cards with our St Helena Pay Terminals. New terminals also can be issued with a mobile SIM card allowing payments to be made anywhere there's an internet connection - great for mobile businesses. Accept payments from Local Debit Cards, Start Smart Cards and Tourist Cards
Local Debit Cards are available to all customers, free of charge. They are a part of the Bank’s Account Features, giving Personal and Business customers an improved banking experience.
Personal and Business Customers have access to Local Debit Cards, Online Banking and Overdraft
Child Bond (5.5% Interest), New Life (5% Interest) and Term Savings (1% Interest) Accounts are available for eligible customers

Personal and Commercial Loans

Whatever your personal hopes or your business aspirations we can help you to achieve it. Speak with a member of our Lending team today, start making your dreams a reality.