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Bank of St Helena Tourist Card

Virtual Prepaid GBP Cash Card for Tourists

Information for new and existing Tourist Card Users

What is the Bank of St Helena Tourist Card?

Bank of St Helena's innovative solution to safe payment transactions on St Helena and Ascension Island for visitors

Giving you spending freedom on St Helena

St Helena is one of the most isolated destinations in the world, but we can make it easier for you to enjoy your time with us

  • Freedom to spend during your visit to St Helena
  • Accepted by over 90 establishments around St Helena
  • Quick monitoring of spend and easy top-up option
  • Unload your unspent funds when your visit ends

St Helena Pay is also available at 12 establishments on Ascension Island. 

How can we help you today?

Are you a new or existing customer?
Click here if you are a New Customer
  • Find out how the Tourist Card works and where to register
  • See our frequently asked questions
  • See how to access your QR code without an internet connection
  • Get links to download the App from your App Store
  • Find out where you can use your card
  • Find out how to get cash with your card
Click here if you are an Existing Customer
  • Log-in to your online portal to check your transactions, top-up or unload your remaining funds
  • Card security information
  • Send us your feedback

Both St Helena and Ascension Island are majority a cash-based society. At present, personal bank cards such as VISA and Mastercard are only accepted at a small number of establishments, including a cash advance service with us at the Bank to withdraw money from bank cards. There are no ATMs on the island.

Bank of St Helena’s Tourist Card allows visitors to pay for goods and services around the island using a Virtual Pre-paid GBP Cash Card accessed through a Tourist Card App. Using this virtual card, visitors can tap into the island’s local card payment service known as St Helena Pay – a service available at multiple establishments around both islands. This service includes receiving cashback on payments at select locations and at the Bank.

For more information on using International Cards on St Helena, click here.



How it works

A Virtual Prepaid GBP Cash Card is just what you’re looking for to make card payments when visiting St Helena or Ascension! Here’s how to apply and use your virtual Tourist Card:

Step 1

Complete application online through secure banking system

Step 2

Load funds on to your Tourist Card using your personal Bank Card

Step 3

Download the App from either Google Play Store or Apple Store

Step 4

Spend around the island using your unique QR Code on the App*

Step 5

Unload funds back to your personal Bank Card used in Step 2

Step 6

Give us your feedback!

*St Helena Pay operates using QR Payments. Your unique QR Code for scanning is available on your Tourist Card App. You will not require an internet connection to display and scan your QR Code, however, you will require an internet connection to view your updated balance and transactions and top-up the amount on your card. Click here to watch a short video of how to access your card when offline.  

Accessing your Card Offline

No internet connection needed to access your QR code

The Tourist Card QR Code for scanning with St Helena Pay is available without an internet connection. Follow the steps in the video to see how to access your card when on-island.

An internet connection is required to Top-up your balance, access your real-time balance and view your transaction history. 

Where Tourist Cards can be used

Tourist Cards are accepted at over 90 establishments around St Helena, just keep a look out for our logo for St Helena Pay (Bank of St Helena’s local Card Payment Acceptance Service).

Please be advised that there are some shops and businesses around St Helena  who will not accept Tourist Cards and will require cash which can be obtained through the ‘Cashback Service’ at select stores around the island. Locations not accepting Tourist Cards includes some restaurants, hotels, taxis and tours.

Getting Cash using a Tourist Card

Withdraw with us or request cashback in the shops

Tourist Cards allows customers to withdraw cash at all Banking locations including the Main Branch in Jamestown, Wharf Kiosk, St Helena Airport Kiosk and the Ascension Branch (see Terms and Conditions for associated fees). Simply present your card QR code stored on your mobile phone to the cashier, request the amount needed from the cashier, and enter your PIN to authorise.

Additionally, some of our partnering establishments accepting St Helena Pay offer cashback as part of their St Helena Pay service. Once they have entered the amount you will need to pay from your sale, they may ask ‘would you like cashback?’ This means you can withdraw cash right there in the shop and the amount you ask for (multiples of £5) will be deducted with your sale and given to you as cash (St Helena Pound) – this service is completely free! Give us a call if you need any clarification on the cashback service. Please be advised some shops have a maximum amount you can withdraw (e.g. £50). 

There are no ATMs on St Helena to withdraw from your account.

Log in to your online portal and load funds using your personal bank card. From the portal you can also view all transactions and balances and top-up if you require any additional money.
Firstly, thank you for choosing the Tourist Card as part of your St Helena or Ascension experience! Now that you're ready to leave, or have already departed, you can log-in to your account and 'Unload' your remaining balance back to your bank (linked to the card used to load your funds).

Card Security

Keep your Phone Safe

It is important to keep phone, security information and login passwords safe. Some safety points:

  • Keep it in a safe place
  • Choose a PIN number that only you know.  Its is not advisable to use security details that can be easily accessed (e.g. your birthday)
  • Guard your PIN number; memorise it and never write it down
  • Keep receipts from all your card transactions until you can verify them
  • Review your statements regularly and report any unknown transactions to the Bank immediately

Visit our Customer Data Security page for more information on protecting your data.

Lost Phones

Customers will have the ability to block their Tourist Card by using the online banking portal. The loss or theft of the mobile on which the Tourist Card is stored should be reported to the Bank. Customers can telephone the Bank Card Services Helpdesk on telephone number 22829 during normal working hours. 

Visit our Main Branch in Jamestown if you require any assistance

Ascension visitors can visit our Branch in Georgetown or contact us below

Contact Us

Please contact us on (+290) 22390 or complete the Contact Form.

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