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Account Opening Application (Individual)

This form is for individuals opening a new Personal Current Account

This application is for an INDIVIDUAL account, and will only apply to Individual Accounts. If you would like to open a Joint Account or Minor Account, you will need to complete a different application.

Please be advised you will be required to upload a copy of your photo identification and any other supporting documentation with this application.

Before you apply, here are a few things we would like to make you aware of:

Terms and Conditions

Website Legal Information

Customer Data Security

Privacy Policy

All compulsory fields are marked with ‘*’.

Account Holder Details

Dr / Mr / Mrs / Ms / Miss
If at current address less than 3 months


Employment and Income Details

A Politically Exposed Person (PEP) is someone who has been entrusted with a prominent function to a high-profile position either in a full-time role (e.g. Chief Secretary) or in a part-time capacity (e.g. Board Director). Bank of St Helena keeps a record of PEP’s who have accounts with the Bank to ensure compliance with Anti-Money Laundering and PEP Policy.

Supporting Documentation

Individuals holding St Helenian Status are required to provide a valid certified Passport* or a copy of their birth certificate and verification of current and past postal address (if applicable). Individuals without St Helenian Status will be required to provide a current certified Passport* for photo identification, verification of current and past postal address (if applicable) and proof of long term stay on either St Helena or Ascension Island e.g. Letter of Employment, Contract, etc. Please note where an applicant’s name differs to that shown on a Birth Certificate or Valid Passport, proof of name change must be provided. E.g. Marriage Certificate or Gazette Publication.
*Passport copies may be certified by a Banking Official, Immigration Official, Chief of Police, Chartered Accountant, Public Solicitor, Attorney General, Justice of the Peace, Registrar and Deputy Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths. These copies must include an official stamp.
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Account Features

Customers should provide details regarding the operation of the Current Account. • All personal accounts will be given both Online Banking and Local Debit Card free of charge. Applications for these features can be found at the end of this application form. • Customers selecting Online Banking should note the service will apply to all the Customer’s Current Accounts. This will not apply to Business Accounts. • Customers with Online Banking will not be issued a printed statement. • Customers selecting a £100 Overdraft should note the service is £1 per month and will apply to the Account Holder’s Primary Account only.

Local Debit Card Details

All new applicants will receive a Local Debit Card on their account
Numbers cannot be printed on cards
Account holders should note that an Additional Card Fee (see Rates, Fees and Charges) will apply for each additional card requested. Where an Account Holder authorises an additional cardholder on their Account, the Bank will issue the additional Cards directly to the third parties identified here, and the named third parties will, in accepting and using the additional card, have accepted the Local Debit Card, and relevant Account, Terms and Conditions.

Online Banking Details

All customers have access to Online Banking for their accounts


Only one Overdraft will be permitted per Customer on the Primary Account

Other Bank Accounts

Details will be provided below
If you do not have any, please write 'none' in the text box


It is hereby confirmed that:
Clear Signature
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