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Term Savings Account Application

This form is for those opening a Term Savings Account for a Business, Organisation or Charity. This account will allow one withdrawal per year.

Please be advised you will be required to upload a copy of your photo identification and any other supporting documentation with this application.

Before you apply, here are a few things we would like to make you aware of:

Account Supporting Information

Terms and Conditions

Customer Data Security

Website Legal Information

Privacy Policy

All compulsory fields are marked with ‘*’.

Account Details

Business/Charity/Organisation Name
Address of normal business operation


Other Bank Accounts

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If you do not have any, please write 'none' in the text box

Account Features

Savings Account Customers can add their account to their Online Banking Portal to monitor the account. (Please note that the Account Transfer or International Payment undertaken with Online Banking, will count as the one payment transaction allowed on a Term Savings Account. Any further payment transactions undertaken will mean your account is in default and will be reverting to Current Account status).
Please specify the anticipated amount to be deposited at any one time into the savings account e.g. £20 per month.
If no, you can apply for Online Banking using the relevant form


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