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Start Smart Application

This form is for parents / guardians applying for a Start Smart account for their child aged 13 - 17.

Before you apply, here are a few things we would like to make you aware off:

  • A Start Smart Account and Card is available to parents or guardians of individuals living on St Helena Island and Ascension Island aged 13 years to 17 years (referred to as ‘the child’). The child can use the card on the Smart Start account at all locations offering the St Helena Pay Service.
  • An account can only be opened by a parent or guardian of the child. A child can not have more than one card in their name. One card will be issued per account. If the parent / guardian has more than one child, they will have to open separate Start Smart account/s per child.
  • Parents / guardians can manage and monitor the account using Online Banking. Those using Online Banking can both credit and debit the account. Money transferred to the Start Smart Card can only be done via the Primary Account detailed below. No other Account Holder will be permitted to transfer money to the Start Smart Account.
  • Smart Cards can not be used at the Bank Teller Stations to withdraw or pay-in to the account. Cards are also not permitted for Cashback Services. 
  • Parents / guardians will be required to sign the back of the Start Smart Card.
  • On the Child’s 18th Birthday, the remaining funds will be deposited into the Primary Account detailed below.
  • This account is not interest bearing.

Account Terms and Conditions

Debit Card Terms and Conditions

Customer Data Security

Website Legal Information

Privacy Policy

All compulsory fields are marked with ‘*’.


Proof of Identity

Individuals holding St Helenian Status are required to provide a valid certified Passport* or a copy of their birth certificate. Individuals without St Helenian Status will be required to provide a current certified Passport* for photo identification.
*Passport copies may be certified by a Banking Official, Immigration Official, Chief of Police, Chartered Accountant, Public Solicitor, Attorney General, Justice of the Peace, Registrar and Deputy Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths. These copies must include an official stamp.
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Please upload a copy of the Passport, Birth Certificate or other
Please specify the anticipated amount to be deposited at any one time into the account


Dr / Mr / Mrs / Miss / Ms


8-digit number. Parents / Guardians may use an Individual Account or Joint Account to add the new Start Smart Card Account on to.

Start Smart Card Details

In the field below, please print Child’s name to be printed on the Start Smart Card using alpha characters only. Names must bear resemblance to Cardholder’s Forename(s) and Surname detailed in Section 1.1. These cards will include two names: the first line for their first name or shortened version, and the second their legal name. Print one character per box, not more than 9 characters for the first line and 24 characters for the second line, this will include any spacing. E.g. START SMART JO JOSEPH BLOGGS

Online Banking

All customers have access to Online Banking. Customers already in possession of Online Banking can tick the box below to add this new account to their existing Online Banking Portal registered to the Account Number above to monitor, transfer to the Start Smart Account and transfer from the Account. If you do not have Online Banking you can apply for the service using a seperate form found on our website.


It is hereby confirmed that:
Clear Signature
This application will not be accepted without a signature - please write it here or upload below.
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